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My Journey From School Teacher to Entrepreneur .

Hello. My name is Joyce Marshall. My husband Darrin and I are the owners of Self Defense 101inc. com and I would like to tell you a little bit about how I got into this business.

I met my husband when I was in college. I was an education major, and my husband was a counseling major.  We were both idealistic and determined to change the world -or at least touch the lives of those around us.  We knew our current career paths were not going to make us rich, however we were willing to trade the rewards for financial gain for the intrinsic reward for helping others.

Very soon after college, my husband and I met a very unpleasant fellow. His name was Reality.

Reality showed us that when you worked for someone else there are factors that can suck the joy out of a job -even one that you love doing.

The majority of the jobs in Darrin’s field were in the private non -profit agencies. These agencies provided counseling services to low income clients and were funded by either Medicaid or through some government grant.  Each agency at which Darrin worked treated him the same way. Overly large client caseloads, huge paperwork demands and an overall lack of appreciation and support. Each of these agencies would experience constant turn over but would refuse to make any changes to reduce the turnover.  In a for profit company, managers and CEO’s would be very concerned about retaining employees, so Darrin and I could not understand why these human service agencies were so caviler about large numbers of people resigning. Then the ugly truth emerged. Companies only have to care about employee turnover when employee quality and client satisfaction matters.  The people who were clients at the agencies at which my husband worked did not have the means to go elsewhere, so these agencies did not have to care about providing quality services. In fact, we suspect that some of these agencies were happy to have experienced employees leave, because the longer someone is with a company the more you have to pay them. True that having experienced employees is better for the client, but that does not matter since the clients cannot go elsewhere.

In my field of teaching I discovered similar frustrations.  In the field of Education most of the decisions are made by either state or federal legislatures or school board bureaucrats. All of these people have one thing in common. They DO NOT work in a class- room and DO NOT have regular contact with their students.  This structure has led to policies that poor decisions such as rating a school’s effectiveness based on how few discipline issues were reported as well as endless rounds of testing, and curriculums that forced all students into a single mold.

After a few years in our fields Darrin and I were hungry to be self- employed, however most business opportunities were financially beyond our reach. I did try and fail at some multi- level marketing opportunities, but it seemed like we were not going to fulfill out dreams of self -employment and financial independence.

Our dreams were ignited again as the e-commerce boom emerged which allowed people to have a business without a brick and mortar store. We found an opportunity to market personal safety products through an e-commerce venue. Darrin and I liked the products. We knew that there is no shortage of violence in the world, and that everyone should have a way of protecting themselves. We also liked the idea that the product we sold caused no permanent damage to anyone. We are both Christians who strive to follow Christ’s command not to “return evil for evil.”  We also are aware that sometimes it is necessary to use physical force to protect ourselves. These products answered the need for self -protection while allowing us to stay true to our spiritual values. 

I was fortunate enough to be exposed to two extraordinary life and business coaches- Mary Morrissey and Pedro Ando. In future post I will share some of the lessons I learned form these wonderful individuals and how I applied these lessons to my life. Darrin and I are thankful for everything that is happening in our business and are thankful to be rapidly moving toward our goal of financial independence.  We also invite you to check out our website and get a 15% discount by just by entering your email address at

We also liked the products because they could be used by a person without fear of legal consequence both legal and civil. We have all heard the news stories of a child getting a gun and killing themselves or someone else.  There have also been cases of people using being either sued or arrested after using lethal force, even though they believed that they were acting in self -defense.  One of the best-known cases is that of  Bernhard Goetz who in 1984 shot 4 teens-paralyzing one of them after the teens surrounded him and demanded that he give them his money.  While Goetz was not found criminally libel, he later lost a civil suit that forced him into bankruptcy. Tragedy in his own life as well as the lives of the teens involved  could have been avoided if Mr. Goetz had access to a non -lethal form of self-protection such as our WildFire pepper spray our our Runt stun gun.

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