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The Under- Utilized Subconscious Mind

When considering safety steps to follow in order to avoid being the victim of a crime, there is one information source that often gets ignored. That source is our unconscious or subconscious mind.

The mind can be divided into two parts: The conscious and the subconscious. The conscious mind processes the sensory information we experience during our day to day activates.  It is also the part of the mind that is activated when we focus on learning a new task.   As the conscious mind processes information for our immediate use there is a large amount of information it filters out as information that is non-essential.

The subconscious mind however continues to store and process this information and can communicate it with the conscious mind when necessary. This is the reason as adults we my unexpectedly recall a memory from early childhood. It is also the reason a traumatic even can give us nightmares, even years after we thought we had put the event behind us.  The work of the subconscious provides a possible explanation for Déjà vu – the feeling that we have been to a certain place before, even though we haven’t.  Information from the subconscious mind will often warn us of a dangerous situation.  Warnings from the subconscious are often processed as “gut feelings” about a situation or a “vibe” given off by a person or place.

Unfortunately, the pride we feel in the intellect given to us by our conscious mind often causes us to ignore these “vibes” and “gut feelings.” Too often people allow themselves to remain in dangerous situations for fear of appearing paranoid, or irrational. In his book “The Gift of Fear” author Gavin de Becker interviewed several crime victims who admitted that they had a bad feeling about a person or situation right before they became a crime victim but took no action because they could not logically explain their feelings. Remember just like pain is the body’s way of warning us that something is wrong, fear is the mind’s way of warning us of a bad situation. Listen to that feeling. Many people let the fear of being rude, or paranoid over-ride the possible danger in which they may be placing themselves.

One of the best things a person can do to stay safe is to trust their instincts.  Remember you do not owe anyone an explanation for your feelings.

If someone in the elevator makes you uncomfortable do not get in the elevator. If a quiet parking lot makes you feel uneasy, go to a public place and ask for a security guard. Call someone to pick you up. Take a cab home or if necessary, call the police. If someone who is talking to you begins to make you feel guarded end the conversation and walk away. If polite attempts to end the conversation fail, become assertive and demand to be left alone. If you believe you are in trouble do not be afraid to attract attention to yourself in any way necessary to get help. There are many personal alarms on the market today that can emit an ear- piercing noise that will deter an assailant as well as draw the attention of bystanders.  Safety Technology offers a combination personal alarm, key chain, and belt clip that that has a 100 db sound intensity.  This has the approximate loudness of a car horn which could deter an attacker. The intensity to this alarm makes it a very safe alarm key chain.

Unfortunately, even when your instincts are followed it is still possible to find yourself in a dangerous position. If that does occur there are several self defense tactics you can implement.

Pepper spray is an effective  self- defense weapon you can use if you find yourself in danger. Wildfire pepper spray is made from 2,000,000 SHUs of raw pepper and sending a scorching hot spray to any attacker. It is the strongest pepper spray on the market today.  It can be used from a distance ranging from 6-8 feet and works on all people even those who are insensitive to pain due to being high, intoxicated or mentally ill.

Another self-defense weapon is the is the Runt stun gun.  The Runt is a combination stun gun flashlight and key chain. It is small enough to remain concealed in your hand and comes with a wrist strap to help you secure it. With a stun gun voltage of 20,000,000 volts, the Runt can disable any attacker by causing him to temporarily loose muscle control and fall to the ground in pain.

Following your instincts as well as using a non-lethal self defense weapon, can go a long way in helping you to stay safe in any situation.

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